Friday, 7 March 2014

Human Canvas Body Painting Series

 Recently I have really missed body painting, I LOVE it so much but it is difficult to find the time to fit it into my schedule as we are always so busy with boudoirs and weddings. However this year I have decided to really get back into it again.

A few weeks ago I was messing around with my paints when I came across this picture of one of my fave make-up artists Karla Powell I just LOVE it!!  I love when Karla practises her make-up looks on herself!

I really loved the brush strokes on the cheeks and  its inspired me to start painting different brush strokes on myself, using different brushes to create different looks and textures.
I have been wanting to paint people like actual paintings for a while so I started messing around with paint and came up with this...

I loved it, but it was pretty messy so I had a few more practices and then found an amazing model and photographer to work with and off I went!!!

Here is a few snaps I took during on my phone, and underneath is a picture kirsty took during.

I got a huge bit of paper and in about 20 mins threw some childrens paint on it in different coloured brush strokes to match the night before. We used a few drawing pins to put it on the wall and had my model stand in front of it.

Kirsty took some amazing pictures and here they are :) 

 I would love to know what you all think!!!

Have you ever been inspired by annother make-up artist to create one of your own make-up looks?

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