Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Urban Decay Dundee Make-up Masterclass

I have said it before and I'll say it again, I LOVE URBAN DECAY!!!! The original naked palette is my one stop shop for eye make up and the more of their products I use the more I love them!!

A few weeks ago myself and my two gorgeous friends went along to meet the amazing Hana at the Dundee counter in Debenhams for a Make-up Masterclass :D

 I was soooooo excited because one I love learning new make-up tricks and techniques and two, its been so long since anyone else has out make-up on me it was going to be such a treat!!

On arrival we got some wine and great little goodie bags with some samples to try.

Hana asked us if there was anything we wanted to focus on, skin, eyes, eyebrows lips etc and built us the perfect look around what we wanted :D 

She went into to great detail and showed us how to apply the looks and the best products to use for our skin. She also drew us face charts replicating the look so we knew how to recreate them at home. We had so much fun and it was just such a chilled out and relaxed atmosphere.  

After it we felt absolutely gorgeous so here is some of our selfies.

I braved it and took a before and after picture of myself!! For me personally I loved the masterclass because I never treat myself. My make-up looks the same every day and I never really have time to do different looks that are just for me. This is a look that I would never really do on my self, which is exactly what I wanted!!! I rarely trust anyone else to do my make-up and Hana just aced it!!!

We treated ourself to some new make-up after the masterclass :D I 100% recommend this experience for anyone wanting to pick up some tips and learn how to use these gorgeous make-up products. 

To check out some more of Hanna's personal make-up work click here.