Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Bare Minerals Foundation

So a few months ago I decided to start using Bare Minerals foundation on my own skin again.
I have awful skin, its red and sensitive and I've got scarring from the dreaded teenage acne so I wanted a foundation that would cover that all, but that was really quick to apply.

I really love make-up and I love doing my make-up, but in the morning when I wake up I just want something I can throw on in a few minutes that will look good and last all day. For this reason I decided to go with Bare minerals

I bought the starter kit as it is such good value and comes with everything you need to get started!!

It was only £50 from Debenhams and it includes A full size foundation, a full size warmth, a half size mineral veil and a half size prime time.
It also includes A full flawless face brush, a flawless face application brush and a maximum coverage concealer brush along with an instructional leaflet and dvd.

It is sooooo easy to use. All you do is tip a bit of the foundation into the lid. swirl your full flawless face brush in it to collect the foundation, tap off any excess into the lid then buff it onto your skin.
Next do the same with a little mineral veil and that is you.
Yep, its that easy!!

You can also use a little of the warmth in a 3 shape on your face, a little across your forehead, across your cheek and along your jawline on both sides of your face, however do be careful not to use too much!
I didnt do this though as I am so pale I don't like to use any bronze!

You can use the concealer brush to add a little extra coverage where you need it!

Here is an unedited before and after picture for you to see for yourself. I really love it and think its perfect for hiding my acne scarring! What do you think?

Finally here is a picture of my finished make up look!!

I added some blush, liner and mascara and a nice deep lip stick!!

Have you ever tried bare minerals? If so what do you think?

Love Jillian :)

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Missfits of Beauty January Make-up Challenge

This January I decided to take part in a make-up challenge set by the lovely ladies over at Misfits of Beauty

For the challenge you you are set a theme every day and have to come up with a different makeup look for each day in January.
So I decided to keep a blog of all the pictures, I hope you like them!

I didnt have time to do all of the looks so I popped in a few older looks I have done that fit in with the theme and also left a few out! I would love to know what you think guys and gals!!

#Day1 - Glossy Eyes

#Day2 - 2 Faced (Evil vs. Good)

I cheated a little for this one as I didn't have enough time to do the whole look so I have reused a  picture of a look I did this Halloween that fits quite well. 

#Day3 - Alien Queen

#Day4 - Unicorn Rainbow Vomit

I LOVED this look, it was so much fun to do and so different from anything else I have tried before.

#Day5 - Pointillism

I think this is my fave look from the whole month, and it even got featured as one of the top looks :D

#Day6 - Bollywood Diva

#Day7 - Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco

#Day8 - Gypsy Princess

#Day9 - Lip Art
This was so much fun to do, I used lots of lipsticks and illamasqua skin base foundation for the stars!

#Day10 - Your Zodiac Sign

I just love galaxy painting so I couldn't resist doing my star sign this way!!

#Day11 - Club Kid
I LOVE the green brows!!

#Day12 - Black and White
I really wanted this to look like a drawing, or painting!

#Day13 - Baroque

#Day14 - Mythology
This is an old one but I love this siren look!

#Day15 - Wood Nymph

#Day16 - Streets of Harajuku

#Day17 - Fireworks

#Day18 - Dead Beauty Queen

#Day19 - Old Hollywood Glam

#Day20 - Punk Rock Grunge
Didnt have time for this look

#Day21 - Elements
I love body painting sooooo much!! I threw some of these old ones together as I didnt have time to do anything today

#Day22 - Favourite Painting

#Day23 - Glitterazzi Entourage

#Day24 - Gore Gore Gore

#Day25 - 'Love is Grand'

#Day26 - Favourite Animation

#Day27 - Beautiful Mess

#Day28 - Abstract Art

#Day29 - Victorian Era
#Day30 - Faberge Egg

#Day31 - Last Day on Earth