Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Body Painting Workshop with June Long

Ok so it is no secret that I absolutely adore June Longs body painting and that I aspire to be as good as she is one day. As soon as I saw that she was hosting a body painting workshop I immediately booked a spot and asked one of my fave models and amazing friends Nicole Abbott to pose for me!!

To start off June went over some different paints, how to use them and different brushes!! I was in body paint heaven!!! Wow I wish I had this much paints!!!

Next she showed us a few simple yet effective flower techniques.

June did a quick demo on highlighting and shading and then it was time to get started on our own painting!!!

I decided that I wanted to focus on body painting clothes as it was something I had never done before and I struggle a bit with highlighting and shading in the right place, so I thought this would be the perfect challenge for me!! I went with a red tied shirt and denim hot pants.

I started out painting on the outline for the shirt and filling it all in in red then started adding in black for some of the hems of the clothes and shading in some creases and folds in the shirt.
Next I added in highlights using yellow and white!!! 

I started on the denim shorts layering different blues and white to create a denim effect. I then used black, grey and white to create the seams and go so carried away I didnt take any more pictures until I had finished...

Here is the finished body paint!! The only editing is to blur out the nipple covers :)
What do you think?

I REALLY love these and I'm so happy with my first time try at bodypainting clothes!! Cant wait to try it again :)

Would love to know what you think guys!!

Charles Fox Make-up Shopping

 So last week I took a few days off work to go down to London and meet up with some of my amazing friends and family. I also did a spot of make-up shopping!!!

My favourite make-up shop in London is Charles Fox in Covent Garden!!! I could honestly spend hours in this shop just looking at everything they have!!! Even their window display is sensational!!

Here is some pics from inside the shop!!!

And here is what I bought!! :)

Eeeeek body paints galore :D Some new blood so Ill need to try out some special effects soon and loads of new body painting brushes :) :D

I also got some Illusion magazine!! I totally LOVE this magazine and one day Ill be on the cover... I can dream!!!