Thursday, 15 August 2013

How to 50's Pin Up Hair With Vintage Rolls

Hello :)

So today in the studio we did a boudoir shoot with 4 different looks, and the first look was 50's pin up, so I thought I would do a quick blog post on how to do 50's hair with vintage rolls!! So here goes!!

What you will need 
hair brush
back combing brush
hair spray
curling wand/ tongs 
pin curl clips / kirby grips

Hair before

I started by sectioning off the hair and spraying lightly with hairspray, then using my curling wand to curl the entire section.

Next I wound the curls up around two fingers into pin curls and secured them into place with a kirby grip. Normally I would use pin curl clips but I couldnt find them!! Eeek!

Continue this for the whole head then leave for roughly 20-30 mins for the hair to cool down. During the cooling down period I normally do the client/ models make-up.
After this I removed all of the kirby grips to reveal ultra curly hair!!

Next I ran my fingers through the whole hair to loosen the curls! I then took a section from the top of the head to behind the ear (ensuring to leave the fringe out) and brushed it through.
Holding the section upwards, start to back comb the hair about 2 inches from the roots working downwards on the underside of where your roll will be, then smooth the hair on the opposite side.

Hold one hand where you want the roll to sit, then use your other hand to lift the hair and wrap it around your first hand in the position you want the roll to sit. 

Continue wrapping the rest of the hair around your hand and slide it inside the roll. hold in place with a few kirby grips. Repeat on the other side of the head!

I wish I had a better picture of this step but its impossible to take by myself!!

There should be a section of fringe remaining at the front of the head, lift this up and back comb it down then smooth over the top of it.

Twist the hair into a pin curl at the front of the hair and secure with a few kirby grips. Lightly spray the whole head with hair spray!

And here we go, the finished look, some 50's inspired make-up to match!!!

For part of the shoot I decided to pin in some of this random material I bought for applying texture in body paint to look like a small birdcage type veil!! What do you think?

I hope you have liked this blog :) Please let me know what you think :D


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  1. Oh wow! I might just need this for a Blitz Party I'm going to in London in a few weeks time! Looks great :)

    Cocktails and Caroline