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How I Arrange My Make-up Kit!!

Hello gorgeous readers

I'm doing a little blog post today about my professional make-up kit and how I arrange it!! I used to have a large metal make-up case on wheels and although at the start I loved it, towards the end I loathed it!! Its so heavy and I was constantly carrying it upstairs!! Also as there were so many small compartments that i couldn't store everything together the way I wanted and had to rake around for products!!

Here is what I do now!!

I am based in my make-up studio around 80% of the time. Most of the photo shoots and personal make-up clients I provide make-up for are in the studio so I need to ensure that I have an organised set up with all of my make-up easily accessible.

I separate everything into these clear plastic vanity bags and line them up at the back of my make-up table. these bags are fantastic, I got them from Tesco and its £5 for a set of 3 different sizes.
I also have wipes, brushes, cotton wool, tissues, IPA and my airbrush set up and ready to go!!

Here is how I separate my make-up, Im not going to go over every single product as I have hundreds, Its just a general idea of how to separate your make-up kit!!

General Skin Care
cleanser, toner, eye make-up remover, exfoliator, moisturiser, primer, setting spray, wipes
I really love the olay skin products to have in my general skin care kit. They are perfect for removing every trace of make-up on your skin and are also perfect for sensitive skin!!
I keep a few different primers in my kit to accommodate to different skin types and of course Illamasqua hydra veil!! Also always carry an exfoliator for a quick scrub at extra dry skin then pop on some moisturiser!!

Foundation And Concealers 
Variety of concealers and foundation shades
I am sooooo in love with derma colour palettes!! These concealers are just amazing for anyone and everyone and they even cover tattoos, what more can you want.
Illamasqua skin base is an essential in my kit, I really love it, but alas I just dont think it is long lasting enough for brides so I use l'oreal infallible. it is AMAZING!!

Strip lashes, cluster lashes, fashion lashes, variety of glues, glue remover, disclosure forms
I always carry a variety of eyelashes including natural and full strip lashes as they can just finish off a make-up and help to open up a clients eyes!! This simple application can transform a clients face!
Also cluster lashes are fab for people who want a really full look or just a little kick out in the corner.
The cluster lashes require a stronger glue, so always carry remover and ALWAYS carry disclosure forms. It is essential for a skin test to be carried out 24 hours prior to using this glue, however this may not always be possible so inform the client of this and of the possible reactions, check for any allergies and if they still want to go ahead have them sign a disclamier.

Dermalogica Skin Care
Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, exfoliant, masque, samples
Personally I just love dermalogica so I always carry the sensitive range to use on my paying clients.

Face powders, Blushers and Bronzers
Cream blush, powder blush, bronzers, highlighters
I absolutly love the Illamasqua blushers, they are so highly pigmented that you only need the smallest amount so they last forever. Dallas is such an amazing bronzer and Ohhh Myy the elf bronzing quad is AMAZING!!! It is sooooo shimmers and I love it as its great for us pale faces aswell for just a hint of glow!!

Eye Shaddows 
Variety of eye shaddows and gel eyeliners
Well Im sure you can guess I LOVE LOVE LOVE Illamasqua!! I have lots of liquid metals and a few cream pigments along with powder and pigment eyeshaddows. I also recently bought an urban decay pallet which is amazing and super shimmery!! Then there are some randoms I have gathered here and there.

lip Colours
Selection of different lipglosses and lipsticks
I cant help but buy Illamasqua lipsticks and lipslosses in bright and crazy colours, they are so amazing and beutiful and look great on fashion shoots. I do also stock a variety of natural colours that are perfect for natural and bridal looks!!

I generally go through mascara very quickly so  I often just pick up lots from boots etc. Ensure you have black, brown ans waterproof.

My Everything bag
This is my little lifesaver bag! I throw in  lots of things that I think will be useful on shoots or on location at weddings etc. Its always great to have eyelash curlers (although i let the client do this them self if they require this) tweezers scissors nail files etc as these are things people always ask you for!! I also include deodarant for warm days, a compact mirror just incase, eye lid primer, a selection of kirby grips, sharpener and anything useful I can get my hands on!! 

Eyeliners And Lip Liners
I try and find eyeliners and lip liners in  every colour possible, ve got lots of Illamasqua ones that are just beautiful!!

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